Intuitive Guidance & Sensual Coaching.

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Published by Goddess Worship. Temple of Sensuality & Spirituality

Solboheme: Spiritual and Sensual ~ Ashlynn Shea: Adult Model/Entertainer/Goddess Explicit Adult ContentAshlynn Shea ~ Goddess MILF Tease 💎HANDLE WITH CARE!💎Rated XXX Must be 18 years of age or older! 🔞 18 or over only and you attest to meeting minimum age & desire to view adult content by viewing interacting, subscribing, clicking on links, etc. on site(s) and/or following/subscribing to any social media accounts. Goddess is an Insatiable Exhibitionist & Tease. She Demands Attention, to be Kept, Spoiled, Doted On, Showered with Adoration, etc. Goddess is a very Seductive, Smooth, Sexy, Sensual, Spiritual and Mysterious Creature that finds enjoyment in teasing and pleasing. On a Professional Level: Goddess is: New Adult Talent, Adult Model, Adult Social Media Personality, Adult Video Vixen, Performer, Affiliate Marketer, Brand Ambassador, Spokesmodel, Actress & More. On a More Personal Level, Goddess is an Intuitive, an Empath, Intelligent but can not seem to pay attention. Lol. ADHD. . Esoteric, she has an interest in Metaphysics, Crystals, Spiritual Energy, Yoga, Chakras, Universalism and more. Goddess Loves Luxury. She has a Lust for it. Luxury Lingerie Lover as well. Talent, PR, Castings, Advertisers, Affiliates, vendors, sponsors, inquiries, etc. please email directly at

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